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Wednesday 8/15/2018


Wednesday 8/15/2018

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Warm Up Bike GB, DB, TS, (No Measure)

2 minutes on Assault Bike (moderate pace)

Then 2 Rounds

30 second Glute Bridge

20 Toy Soldiers

10 Dead Bugs


Tall Jerk (take 5 minutes to work on footing and positioning)

Start with the Barbell at Forehead Level

Raise up to you toes (Ball of Foot)

Drop Immediately under the bar into a split jerk

There should be no driving motion once in position

Start Light!!
This is going to go by fast. Start light and build in weight until out of time. Aim for 2-3 reps at all weights. Do not go up unless the catch feels solid and easy!

Split Jerk (10 mins to build to a heavy set of 3)

Use the Tall Jerk work as a warm up for these Split Jerks.


EMOM 10 RR + WB (10 Rounds for reps)

10 minute EMOM

7 Ring Rows + 10 Wallballs 20/15

Score is total reps completed each round.


10 Ring Rows + 10 Wallballs 30/20


5 Ring Rows + 10 Wallballs 15/10


5 Ring Rows + 8 Wallballs 10/6

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