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Specialty Course: Stone & Grit

In this exclusive 6 week course you’ll get:

✅ 1 small group class per week + 2 homework items each week

✅ Specific programming built to get you stronger in your posterior chain, shoulders, core and mental capacity

✅ Lots and lots of hands on coaching and access to your coaches outside of the gym for continued learning

✅ Get super familiar with a variety of strongman techniques and various movement patterns that you might not necessarily find in a traditional CrossFit class

✅ Access to an exclusive Facebook community filled with instructional videos for your homework and access to your coaches for any Q and A

If you’re looking to get strong and do some unconventional training, this exclusive course is for you. It was built by a mental health therapist and strength coach who love training with odd objects both for strength and the mental challenge.

Stone & Grit is offered for 6 weeks beginning on June 4, 2019 at 6:30pm at our St. Pete location.

Not local? No problem! We’ve got a private Facebook community that you’ll be invited into where you will receive instructional videos for the class, your homework and Q & A with your coaches to ensure you are getting the results you want.