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Saturday 4/7/2018


Saturday 4/7/2018

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – CrossFit


Group stretch (No Measure)

400 meter run

Group stretch


Teams of 3 (Time)

Teams of 3

Buy in 3 minute max wheelbarrow walk

Relay race style!

(20 min cap)

800 m run

50 kettlebell swings 53/35

30 burpees

Buy out 3 min max distance suitcase carry

for then wod part…

Teammate 1 goes when they get back from the 800 meter run the 2 teammate can go, then when they get back the 3 teammate can go. You cannot move onto the next movement until the teammate before you completes their set.

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