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Health & Longevity

Your health is perhaps your greatest asset. After all, you’ve been given 1 body and we all choose to steward it in different ways. It is our belief at Burg CrossFit that the best gift you can give, not only to yourself,  but to your friends and family is the gift of health and longevity. Burg exists out of a passion and desire to help others live long and healthy lives. The biggest cause of death in Pinellas County in the last few years has been heart disease. This is not OK. 
Unfortunately, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. It takes both dialing in your nutrition and maintaining a healthy exercise routine to stay physically and mentally fit and we want to help you achieve that. If we can help you stay out of the nursing home, be able to actively play with your kids instead of sitting on the side lines always out of breathe, we are doing something right. 

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