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CrossFit 9/06/19


CrossFit 9/06/19

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Coaches Choice (No Measure)

10-15 minutes coaches choice


3 Position Clean (Weight)

From the floor

below the knee

hang clean

Focus on hip extension and fast transition as you progress through the positions
15 minutes to complete


CrossFit Games Open 14.4 (AMRAP – Reps)

14-Minute AMRAP:

60 Calorie Row

50 Toes-To-Bars

40 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#

30 Cleans, 135# / 95#

20 Muscle-ups

14 minute AMRAP

60 cal Row

50 Knee Raises

40 Wallball Shots 14/10

30 Cleans 95/65

20 Chin over bar Pullups


Inversion Practice

Tuesday: Attend class, watch videos

Wednesday- Friday: Use EMOM from Tuesday skill as practice to try to improve daily

10 EMOM Inversion Practice (5 Rounds for reps)

EMOM for 10 minutes

Minute 1: Max reps of your inversion movement choice

Minute 2: Rest


Handstand holds (pikes, wall-facing, etc.)

Handstand Push-ups (pike, assisted or Rx)

Handstand Walks (only if able to complete 15+ HSPU unbroken).


holds = Total Seconds held

HSPU = Total reps completed

HSW: Total Feet completed

Rx+ = HSW completed in 5ft increments

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