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CrossFit 8/13/19


CrossFit 8/13/19

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Burgener Warm-up (No Measure)

20/15 calories on the bike then grab a barbell

Coach lead Burgener Warm-up

Perform 1 round of 5 of each movements:

Hang Snatch pull

Hang Snatch high pull

Hang muscle snatch

Overhead squat

Hang squat snatch

Full squat Snatch


Snatch (2 reps EMOM for 10min)

Take 5 minutes to build to your 70%.

Every minute for 10 minutes, perform 2 reps snatch touch and go @ 70%+of 1RM

Feel free to add or decrease weight as necessary but try to stay above 70% for entire emom


3RFT 400m 20 Goblet, 10m OH WL (Time)


400m run

20 goblet squats 53/35

10m OH lunge R-arm

10m OH Lunge L-arm

Cap: 18min

Rx+ 70/53

Int: 35/26

Beg: Front rack lunges 35/26 or overhead 26/18

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