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Crossfit 7/18/2018


Crossfit 7/18/2018

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Warm-up 15 cal and Cindy (No Measure)

15 Cals on Assault Bike

then 3 RNFT

5 Pullups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


10 min coach led learning proper movement and practice T2B/ Kipping

Toes-To-Bar (Max unbroken consecutive)

5 min to perform max CONSECUTIVE T2B

Int: Max Consecutive Knees 2 chest

Sc: Max consecutive knee raises.

Consecutive means fluid. No pause/flail/hanging in between reps. “Penduluming” is no rep. Goal is to mimic the kipping motion for multiple reps as best as possible.

DT Lite (Time)


12 deadlifts 115/80

9 Hang Power Clean

6 Shoulder to overhead
Cap: 12 minutes

Int: 95/65

Sc: 75/55

This is a deload WOD. You are wanting to “coast/jog” pace through this workout.

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