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CrossFit 6/29/19


CrossFit 6/29/19

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – CrossFit


Coaches Choice (No Measure)

10-15 minutes coaches choice


Metcon (Time)

Beach WOD

Teams of 3

100 Synchro Burpees

200 Sychro Air Squats

300 Synchro Sit-ups (arms interlocked)

2 athletes will perform above movements while 1 athlete is swimming 25-50 meters (distance depending on tide).

Athletes may not begin or continue movements until swimming athlete is knee deep in water.

Bring a shirt or towel to use for the sit-ups!!!


For Sunbury

Murph Demarcation (Time)

For Time (with a Partner)


1000 meter Row

800 meter Run

50 Pull-Ups

100 Push-Ups

150 Air Squats

800 meter Run

30 Pull-Ups

60 Push-Ups

90 Air Squats

800 meter Run

20 Pull-Ups

40 Push-Ups

60 Air Squats

800 meter Run


1000 meter row

Wear a Weight Vest (20/14 lb), except on the row

Partners run together. For everything else (row, push-ups, pull-ups, and air squats) one partner works at a time; break up the reps between partners as needed.


600m Runs

Jumping Pullups

Assisted Push-ups


Teams of 3

Scale as needed

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