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CrossFit 10/09/2018


CrossFit 10/09/2018

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Barbell WU clean ohs (No Measure)

20/15 calories bike

2RNFT with a barbell

5 Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

5 Push Press

5 Overhead squats


perform 10 Squats with a 5 second pause at the bottom with feet and knees together.

If unable to perform without falling over, hold a KB in front or place heels on a plate.


Glute-Ham Raises (5×5)

Perform with a 1 second pause at the bottom (no using momentum out of the hole).

Scale as needed with distance setting on the GHD or using bands.

Modify to 5×10 weighted hip extensions or weighted good mornings

Weighted Glute Bridges (5×5)

place just your shoulders on a bench starting with your butt on the ground. Have a barbell resting in your hip pocket and drive your hips to the ceiling until your torso is parallel with the ground.
Build in weight. 5 heavy sets of 5. Score your heaviest set


15min AMRAP hsw, burp, pistols (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 min AMRAP

50ft HSW

15 Burpees

30 pistols


25ft HSW, modified pistols


100ft Bear crawl

15 sprawls

30 Squats (keep feet as close together as possible)

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