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Burgfit 8/23/2019


Burgfit 8/23/2019

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – BurgFit


Warm Up 100 dubs and squat (No Measure)

100 double unders

20 walking lunges

20 push ups

10 hip circles

30 seconds bottom of a squat


Rest 5 minutes after time cap

2RFT Box Step Overs + MM (Time)

2 Rounds For Time

10 DB Box Step Overs 50/35

10 Man Makers

10 min Cap

A Man Maker is a Weighted Burpee with a Renegade Row (each arm) to a DB Cluster

Rx+: Icon Man Makers (Burpee with Renegade Row to a DB Cluster finishing with a stationary lunge (each leg))

Intermediate: 35/20

Beginner: 20/10

Modified Man Maker*

*Perform a Sprawl with a Renegade Row (each arm) to a DB Power Clean to Shoulder to OH

Dirty Thirty (Time)

For time:

30 Box jumps (24″/20″)

30 Jumping Pull-ups

30 KB Swings (53#/35#)

30 Walking Lunges

30 Knees to Elbows

30 Push Press (45#/35#)

30 GHD Hip Extensions (Sub Good Mornings 45#/33#)

30 Wallball (20#/14#)

30 Burpees

30 Double-Unders
20 minute Cap

Sub 35/20 DB Push Press for Barbell if necessary

Modify any movements and weights as necessary

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