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Burgfit 3/1/2019


Burgfit 3/1/2019

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – BurgFit


Warm-Up Row + 3R GM, SS, IW (No Measure)

500 meter Row

Then 3 Rounds

10 Weighted Good Morning 25/15

10 Samson Stretch

10 Inch Worms


3 min rest between metcons

Death by Jumping Lunges (AMRAP – Rounds)

On minute one, perform 1 jumping lunge per leg.

On the next minute, perform 2 per leg.

Continue increasing the reps until you are no longer able to complete the set amount of work into that minute.

If you finish under the time cap hop onto an assault bike and ride at 40-50 rpm to keep the legs warm.

20 minute Cap (if you last this long, you win!!)

Score is highest round you fully completed.

FT Dubs, DBC, DBS (Time)

For Time

100 Dubs

50 DB Cleans 50/35

100 Dubs

50 Alt. DB Snatches

100 Dubs

20 min time Cap


50 Dubs each round



150 Single Unders

Elevated DB Cleans 20/10 stack 2-45lb plates and pull from there each round.

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