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Barbell Club 8/30/19


Barbell Club 8/30/19

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – Burg Barbell Club


Warm Up Bike GB, DB, TS, (No Measure)

2 minutes on Assault Bike (moderate pace)

Then 2 Rounds

30 second Glute Bridge

20 Toy Soldiers

10 Dead Bugs


200m Heaviest Sled Drag (Heaviest 200m)

Sled must stay in continual motion with a quick turn-around at the turn-around point.

Walking or running is permitted

yoke carry (5x100m building)

1m = 1 rep

Accessory Work

Reverse Hypers (3×20 reps build in weight. )

if on GHD, use a medball between the feet

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