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Barbell Club 3/4/19


Barbell Club 3/4/19

Burg CrossFit, Burg CrossFit Pinellas Park, Burg CrossFit Sunbury – Burg Barbell Club


Warm Up Snatch (No Measure)

2 minutes on row/Bike

2 Rounds w/ a bar

5 muscle snatch

5 OHS **slow and controlled, warm up to full depth

5 Snatch Balance


Drop Snatch (5×2 Building)

5×2 building in weight

Focus on driving yourself under the bar no dipping allowed.

Build but to a technically proficient lift. Zero press-out or dip.

Snatch Grip Push Press (5×5 Building)

(behind the neck)
From the rack

Snatch (E2MOM for 10 min)

All sets done at 75-80% of 1RM

You may choose between Squat or power (squat is preferred)

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