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55 & Over

Our bodies are incredibly complex and amazing at what they are capable of. Unfortunately, we often neglect them in the name of being “busy” or just “life happens.” We totally understand that and want to help. It isn’t normal to have bad knees, poor range of motion and tight hips no matter what age we are. Sadly, it has become normal that our bodies begin to fall apart as we age. It doesn’t have to stay that way. 
We have created a specific program to directly meet the needs of older individuals who are looking to begin their fitness journey in the name of wanting to live longer, stay out of a nursing and play with their kids and grandkids. Burg Champions provides specific modifications for those who are older and looking to increase their muscle stamina, address range of motion issues and improve their posture and overall wellbeing through low impact interval training. 
Life is meant to be enjoyed not merely something to “get through.” We can’t wait to help you thrive and see what your body is capable of! 

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