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3 Tips for Murph Success Through Nutrition


3 Tips for Murph Success Through Nutrition

The Memorial Day Hero WOD ‘Murph’ is notorious for being one of the most difficult workouts in Crossfit, both mentally and physically, and also one of the most rewarding upon completion. As coaches, our goal for you is to challenge yourself in a safe way; injury prevention is one of our utmost concerns.

Check out the following tips to have the most successful Memorial Day workout!

  1. Properly Fuel BEFORE the Workout

2-3 Days Prior to Memorial Day

-Begin hydrating several days ahead of time. As a good rule of thumb, you should aim to consume at least half of your body weight in water per day.

-Additional ways to increase electrolytes and aid in hydration include Nuun tablets, FitAid, Pedialyte, unsweetened coconut water, adding a pinch of Himalayan sea salt to water

The Night Before The Workout

***Avoid excess alcohol the night before, as it will increase dehydration.

-Carbohydrates are our body’s naturally preferred fuel source. “Carb loading” the night before isn’t really necessary–nobody needs 3-4 plates of spaghetti. Instead, enjoy a non-greasy, balanced meal including a healthful portion of complex carbs and don’t go to bed hungry.
Some meal choices can include:
-chicken, whole grain rice, and vegetables
-fish and sweet potato or baked potato with a side salad
-pasta with turkey and vegetables

Memorial Day – BEFORE The Workout
The morning of, make sure you eat something!

1-3 hours before (Protein+Carb+Fat)
-oatmeal with fresh berries nut butter and protein powder mixed in
-turkey sandwich on whole grain bread
-egg sammy
-yogurt + granola or fruit
-piece of fruit + string cheese + whey protein
-Protein shake (whey protein + nuts/nut butter + fruit)

30 min -1 hour before (easily digestible carbohydrate for some quick fuel)
– toast + jam
– box of raisins
– rice cakes
– banana
– Baby food applesauce pouch

***Remember, your moving muscles take priority over digestion during a workout so avoid high fat, high fiber meals right before to prevent an upset stomach.

2. Sip on Something During The Workout
-Sip just enough to quench your thirst! Avoid drinking TOO much during the workout to avoid discomfort and nausea.
-If you’ve got a water bottle handy, consider mixing in some BCAAs (branch-chain amino acids) or electrolytes for enhanced hydration *Current Favorite Brand (plus the patriotic flavor is fitting)

3. Post-WOD Recovery lasts all day!
Immediate Goals = restore glycogen, replace electrolytes for fluid balance, and promote muscle recovery.
-Consume Protein+Carb within 30-45 minutes of exercise
Quick & easy options to throw in your gym bag:
-protein shake + coconut water/almond milk or double fist with protein shake + FitAid!
-protein shake + baby fruit pouch/dried fruit/dried cereal/rice cake

Memorial Day BBQ
It’s pretty likely that you’ll find yourself at a BBQ at some point during the day, follow these tips to stay on track!
-Walk through the line once first without your plate/fork to get the lay of the land, then go back through once you’ve decided what you really want. You’re more likely to make impulse decisions on your first go-around.
-Eat slowly! You’re less likely to overeat if you put your food/fork down between bites until your food is completely chewed and swallowed!
-Should you decide to partake in a few adult beverages, you can do your part to mitigate the dehydrating effects of alcohol by consuming at least 8oz of water for every alcoholic drink.

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